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1200L Japan Micro Brewery System

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1200L Japan Micro Brewery System 

This 1200l 2 Vessels Brewhouse micro Brewery System  is located at Mie,Japan. 

The owner Keita are very professional in beer brewing, he have many years brewing experience. 

It is very lucky for us to have a chance to built their 1200l brewery in 2022.

Please review this project with Brewman and share with us your ideas and suggestions.

Part I: Micro Brewery System starting consulting, proposal communication via email and call.

During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of 1200l micro brewery system:

The main configurations mainly include:

1 x 500Kg/h Malt Miller (Stainless Steel 304) ABB motor

1 x 1200L 2Vessels Brewhouse+HLT (MLT+KWT+2000L HLT)

1 x 1800L Cold Water Tank

2 x 80L hopback

6 x 1200L Fermentation Unitank

1 x 20L Yeast Feeder

2 x 30L Yeast Feeder

1 x 50L Yeast Feeder

3 x 1200L Brite Beer Tank

1 x Brewhouse Controlling Panel(SUS304 cabinet)

1 x Fermentation Controlling Panel(SUS304 cabinet)

1 x Steam Supply System

2 x Portable Pump with VFD

1 x 1400L Beer Sterilization Tank

Part II: 1200L micro brewery layout, 2D and 3D drawing design before manufacturing

As the brewery have a space limitation, so we design fermentation tank slim and tall to make sure it can fit in the space.

Floor plan design for 1200l micro brewery setup

1200l micro brewery system 3D drawing (2)

1200l micro brewery system 3D drawing (1)

setting up a 1200l micro brewery system 3D drawing and pipeline connection

Floor plan design of micro brewery

Part III: Manufacturing of 1200l micro brewery setup cost

2 vessels 1200l brewhouse with 2000l hot water tank and 1800l cold water tank

1200l brewery system manufacturing (2)

1200l brewery system manufacturing (1)

Glycol jacket testing machine, cool

glycol jacket testing

1200l two vessels brewhouse pipeline connection and stainless steel brewery brewhouse controller

Stainless steel controller

Part IV: Finish of 1200L micro brewery system

1200l steam beer brewhouse system

1200l mash lauter tank, 1200l kettle whirlpool tank, 2000l hot water tank, 1800l cold water tank

1200l micro brewery system (2)1200l micro brewery system (3)1200l micro brewery system (4)1200l micro brewery system (6)

Flange level for kettle tun

1200l micro brewery system (5)

Pipe filter before heat exchanger and wort areation device

micro brewery setup (5)micro brewery setup (1)

80l hop back device

Hopback (4)

portable CIP pump with hanger

CIP Pump (3)CIP Pump (5)1400L Beer Sterilization Tank with wheels

Sterilization tank

Part V: Shipping of 1200l micro brewery system setup starting

All brewery system are loaded and shipped in three 40feet container.

shipping (1)shipping (2)shipping (3)

Part IV: 1200l craft beer micro brewery system Installation in Japan

1200l brewery system arrival1200l brewery equipment arrival

Part V: Expect to their first batch beer.

In kegs

In Cans


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