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What is Sour Malt?
19 February 2022

What is Sour Malt? There are many kinds of malt for brewing beer, like light malt, dark malt, burnt malt, wheat malt, sour malt etc. Sour malt is often used in adjusting the pH of the mash during brewing. Typically brewers use a 1-10% with 2-5% being typical. Sour malt is also called acidulated malt

Why High PH In Water Of Hot Liquor Tank?
26 January 2022

Why High PH In Water Of Hot Water Tank? What is water ph? The watter pH value is a way of expressing the acidity or alkalinity in water. Most brewers are familiar with the pH scale and know that values over 7 are basic (or alkaline) and values under seven are acidic. One customer was seeing high (7.

What Is Hops? And How To Add It During Wort Boiling?
25 October 2021

What Is Hops? And How To Add It During Wort Boiling? The malt, water, yeast, and hops are four main ingredients in beer. Although many people get excited about hoppy beers, but many of them might not understand what exactly a hop is. Hops are the flowers, or cones, of a plant called Humulus lupulus


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