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Why And How Do Wort Boiling In Kettle Tank?

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Why And How Do Wort Boiling In Kettle Tank?

After lautering, clear wort will be pumped to kettle tank for wort boiling. 

The time will last for 1-2 hours. 

Certain amounts hops will be added in the boiling process to get refreshing bitterness and pleasant aroma.

Why do the wort boiling?

1) Inactivate residual enzymes from the mash

2) Isomerize bittering hop α-acids

3) Sterilize wort and remove unwanted bacterial

4) Remove unwanted volatiles

5) Precipitate unwanted proteins as“hot break” (trub)

6) Evaporate redundant water and concentrate the wort

wort boiling (3)

How do the wort boiling in kettle tank?

During an effective boil, water is usually boiled off at a rate of about 4% per hour. 

But achieving an effective boil is not as simple as it sounds. 

When hops are boiled in wort, the bittering alpha acids are isomerized; 

it is only then that they become soluble and can be extracted into the wort. 

Wort boiling, therefore, takes time, but usually under 90 minutes.

During boiling, normally the hops is needed to add in three times.

The first hops adding time is 10 mins after boiling.

About 5%-10% hops is added to remove foam during boiling.

Second time is 30-45 mins after the beginning of boiling.

55%-60% of total hops is added to extract α-acids and improve the isomerization.

The third time is 10 mins before the ending of boiling.

30%-40% of total hops is added to extract the hop oil and apply wort the aroma.

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