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100l, 150l, 200L Stainless Steel Hop Gun For Sale

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Product Description

100l, 150l, 200L Stainless Steel Hop Gun For Sale

Hop Gun is performed drying hopping in cold area  after the brewing process. 

It can happen in beer fermentation tank or Brite Tank.

In the fermenter tank or bright tank, beer is almost finished but has not be fully mature yet. Some brewers want to add hops flavor. In the way, beer will be circulated between Hop Gun and Tanks until the required degree of extraction is reached. This process is driven by a gentle diaphragm pump and must take place under isobaric and completely oxygen-free circumstance.

Configuration for Hop Gun

Material: SUS304

Capacity: 100L, 150L and 200L

Sight Glass Checking Hole

Interior Filter(customized)

CO2 Inflatable Head on Top Lid

Pressure Release and Relief Valve on Top Lid

Pressure Gauge On Top Lid

Upper and Lower Tangent Beer Inlets

Bottomed Beer Outlet Pipe and Discharging Pipe

CIP Spraying Ball on Top Lid

Hop cannon

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