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  • Japan 1200L Micro Brewery System
    1200L Japan Micro Brewery System This 1200l 2 Vessels Brewhouse micro Brewery System is located at Mie,Japan. The owner Keita are very professional in beer brewing, he have many years brewing experience. It is very lucky for us to have a chance to built their 1200l brewery in 2022.Please review thi Read More
  • Saudi Arabia 800L Brite Tank For Cold Coffee Brewing in Riyadh
    Saudi Arabia 800L Brite Tank For Cold Coffee Brewing in RiyadhCoffee brew is a new area of brewing since 2018, it is non alcohol and have more popularity.Luckily we have a chance to built coffee equipment.Here I take you learn more about this projectPart I: Cold coffee brew starting consulting, prop Read More
  • Japan 200L Brewery Equipment
    Japan 200L Brewery Equipment Because of space limitation, we suggest 200L brewery equipment for starting up. Luckily we have a chance to help build the 200L brewery equipment. Please review this project with Brewman and share with us your ideas and suggestions. During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of brewery system: The main configurations mainly include: Stainless steel 304 Grain Milling Unit [150kg/hr] 200L Mash Lauter tank with stainless steel wort grant( we suggest stainless steel type because Japan have many procedure to test glass material) 200L Kettle Whirlpool tank with Steam Condenser 300L Hot water tank 4sets 200L Fermentation Tank with top manhole 300L Glycol water tank Brewery Control Cabinet 50L CIP Cleaning tank: Alkali tank and sterile water tank Read More
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