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300 Gallon Micro Gin Distillery Equipment for Sale

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Product Description

300 Gallon Micro Gin Distillery Equipment for Sale

The working process of brewman distillery equipment:

Add enzymes if using un-malted grain

Milling raw materials

(precook unmalted cereals if using) *see next page

Mash in 48°C (approx. 60mins)

Ramp to 63.5°C for 30-50mins

Ramp to 67°C for 20mins

Sarge at 72°C (preserve enzyme activity)

Directly cool to 19°C from wort collection

Pitch yeast at 19°C, and set the tank temperature to 30°C (never exceed 34°C). 

Expect 3-4 days fermentation, enzymes will continue to work – expect FG of 0.998.

What components of 300 gallon micro distillery equipment:

1 x 300 Gallon Pot Still Insulated with Whiskey Helmet and Agitator (Steam Heated)

#4 Finish

1 x Small Botanical Basket

1 x 14" 4-Plate Column

2 x 14" 10-Plate Column

1 x Small Spirits Safe

1 x Touch Screen Automation

1 x 300 Gallon Mash Tun insulated with Agitator and Cooling Jackets (Steam Heated) 

1 x Lautering Option for Mash Tun - Rake, False Bottom and Sparging Manifold 

4 x 300 Gallon Fermenter with Cooling

1 x Mash Pump

1 x High Proof Spirits Pump

1 x Crating, Handling & Shipping TBD 

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