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Australia 300L and 500L Brite Tank

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300L and 500L Brite Tank in Western Australia

brite tanks is also called tax determination tanks or clear beer tanks (=CBTs), 

bright beer tanks (=BBTs) or maturation or conditioning tanks.

They are often used for beer maturation, carbonation and conditioning.

Sometime brite tank can be serving tank in pub.

We are so happy that we can have chance to design 300l and 500l brite tank for Mitch:-)

Here I take you learn more about this project

Part I: 300l and 500l brite tank starting consulting, proposal communication and tank drawing via email and call.

During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of bright beer tank:

The main configurations mainly include:

Function:Beer Conditioning and Carbonation

Connection: Tri Clamp with Gaskets

Effective Capacity:300 Liters and 500 liters

Interior Acid Cleaning and Passivation

Exterior Shell:2mm thickness, SUS304

Interior Shell:3mm thickness, SUS304

Interior acid washing

Insulation:Polyurethane(PU), Thickness= 80mm

Cooling Type:Dimple Cooling Jacket on Cylinder and cone

Strict Leakage Test with Gas and Water for Jacket and Tank Body

Dished Head and Cone Bottom

Pressurized Top Manway

Temperature Sense PT100 Sensor( 4 inches from the bottom of the glycol jacket)

Related Accessories and Fittings

Top Mounted 3bar PRV Valve

Shock-Proof Pressure Gauge on CIP Arm

1.5'' TC Sample Valve

Beer Outlet Arm and Port at Bottom

CIP Arm with 360°Coverage CIP Spraying Ball

Cooling Jacket on Cylinder with Glycol Inlet and Outlet

Carbonation Port and Stone

Sanitary Soft Level Tube

4pcs SUS304 Heavy Duty Legs

Jacketed brite tank

Part II: Manufacturing of 300l and 500l brite tank

Interior jacket of brite tank carbonation under manufacturing

300L brite tank x2

300L brite tank jacketed

300l brite tank 2

300l and 500l brite tank brewing finished

brite tank under manufacturing

Part III: 300l and 500l brite tank Finish and ready for shipping

500l brite tank jacketed

500L brite tank

300l brite tank with 3 bar relief valve

300l BBT300L brite tank

Portable brewery pump

brewery pump

Part IV: Shipping of 300l and 500l brite tank

All brewery system are loaded and shipped in one 20feet container, we tried our best to load all items in a 20’GP to save shipping cost.

brite tank shipping (1)brite tank shipping (3)brite tank shipping (4)brite tank shipping (2)

Part V: 300l brite tank and 500l brite tank installed in Riyadh

Part VI: Expect to their first batch beer.

If you also want to realize your brewing dream, come and visit Brewman factory.

We will offer our best price to help your dream:-)

Thanks and welcome your inquiry.

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