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How Brewery CIP Tank Works and What Chemicals Is It Compatible With?

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How Brewery CIP Tank Works and What Chemicals Is It Compatible With?


As we all know, sanitary brewing tank and fermentation tank are very necessary for good beer.

So how we keep tanks sanitary? 

For brewman, we often use portable brewery CIP to keep tanks sanitary 

for nanobrewery and micro brewery system.


The portable brewery CIP cart is designed for cleaning and sterilization of the brewing tanks, 

fermenter and brite tank. The CIP unit is composed of two tanks(caustic tank and sterilization tank), 

one pump, one control cabinet and portable cart. 

Some brewers in bigger brewery also requires a hot water tank for brewery CIP system. 

For Pico brewery, a portable CIP pump is also workable. 

A clean environment is the foundation of beer fermentation. 

So the usage of the CIP cart is very important and basal.

 Brewery CIP (2)

Brewery CIP (3)

What is our experience to sanitary/sterilize the system with steam/SIP?

1) Prepare the liquor for caustic tank(5% NaOH liquor) and the sterilization tank( 300—400PPm)

2) Water washing for 15 mins.

3) Caustic washing 15~20 mins and recycle caustic liquid

4) Water washing 15 mins

5) H2O2(Hydrogen Peroxide Liquid) washing 15~20 mins

CIP Cart Unit


a. Please check the electric power and positive inversion of pump motor before running the brewery CIP cart.

b. Brewman suggest you to add a level senser to prevent the dry burning of electrical element during caustic liquid heating.

c. Make sure the beer rotating valve is unclosed.

d. It is not allowed that use hot water, hypochlorous acid, Chlorine and anything with chloridion to washing fermenter.

e. Brewman suggest you a spare parts for heating elements.

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