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How Is The Keg Filler Self-Cleaning And Sterilization?

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How Is The Keg Filler Self-Cleaning And Sterilization?

Keg filling is the process to put beer into kegs and resell among restaurants, BBQ and hotels.

It is very important for keg filler to keep sanitary. 

So proper self-cleaning and sterilization is very important. 

But how is the keg filler of Brewman self-cleaning ans sterilization?

First please check the connection of beer source, air source and power.

Be sure that all pressure values are correct.

Secondly, connect the cleaning accessory to the water source.

Thirdly, turn the “Clean/Fill” button to the position “Clean” and press “start” button,

the filling head will press the cleaning accessory.

Shut down the beer source, open the sewage-draining valve and cleaning valve, the machine will start its cleaning process.

Finally, close the cleaning valve after several minutes. 

Press “stop” button and the keg filler will start its air-pumping process. 

8 seconds later, the air-pumping process cease and the filling head restores, 

then the cleaning process is finished.

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