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How to Calculate The Capacity of Steam Boiler For My Brewery Equipment?

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How to Calculate The Capacity of Steam Boiler For My Brewery Equipment?


As we all know, it is very important to have a suitable capacity for a brewery. 

Proper capacity of steam boiler can have a good heating effect, 

especially if we want to brew two batches or more one day.So what capacity steam boiler do I need? 

steam pipeline (2)

How to calculate the heating requirements for brewery equipment?

Let's take 1000l brewery equipment for example.

First Let us assume we put 20% malt, 80% water with infusion method.

80% water equals 800L water based 1000L brewhouse

1L water =2.2lbs, so 1000L = 2200 lbs.

 steam pipeline (3)

Based on our calculation, 1BTU=1 lbs* 1F

Temp rise from 131F (55 Celsius) to 172.4F (78 Celsius) in MLT

131F(55C) to 172.4F(78C) = 41.4F

Number of BTUs to bring those temperature in 25 mins,

2200 lbs X 41.4F X 2.4(time factor) = 218,592 BTUs

So the consumption for 1000l mash tank is 218,592BTUs


The wort capacity will be about 1100L after sparging, so 1100L=2420 lbs

Temp rise from mash/wort to boil,

172.4F(78C) to 212F(boiling) = 39.6F

Number of BTUs to bring wort to boil in 45 mins,

2420lbs X 39.6F X 1.33(time factor) = 127,457 BTUs

Now add ~5% to achieve boil off.

127,457 X 1.05 =133,830BTUs

So the consumption for 1000l kettle/whirlpool tank is 133,830BTUs


Temp rise in hot water tank: 2000L = 4400 lbs.

Follow same math for hot liquor, temp rise 77F(25C) to 176F(80) = 99F

Number of BTUs to bring hot liquor to temp in 3 hours.

4400lbs X 99F X .33(time factor) = 143,748BTUs

So the consumption for 2000l hot water tank is 143,748BTUs


Above all, the total BTU requires 496,170BTU (which equals about 146KW or 200KG/H) 

if mash tank and boiling tank, hot water tank are heated at same time.

But if hot water tank are heated during night, it will be in his temperature before brewing.

 steam boiler equipment

Then 352,420BTU (which equals about 104KW or 150KG/H) is enough

 when the mash tank and boiling tank are heated at the same time. 

But we suggest 200KG/H brewery steam boiler for you, 

as the cost is similar for 150KG/H and 200KG/H brewery boiler.


In that way, we can also provide steam source to other equipment, for example keg washer.

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