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How to Clean Brewing Tanks Properly Before Using?

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How to clean brewing tanks properly?

The beer brewing tanks is usually cleaned in 4 steps before normal use:


1.1 Connect the tap water to the CIP cleaning pipe of the Brewhouse system with a wort hose, 

open the discharging port of the brewing tanks in turn and start cleaning until clean water is discharged. 

During the washing, open the valves of the Brewhouse system to achieve the purpose of pipeline cleaning. 

(Repeat three times, 5 minutes each time).

2.Alkaline washing

2.1 Add 3% alkali liquor to the Kettle/Whirlpool tank and heat to 40-50 ℃.

2.2 Open the valves of the Brewhouse system in turn, 

and turn on the wort pump to circulate for 30 minutes.

2.3 Or connect the outlet of the wort pump and the CIP inlet of the mash tun with a hose; 

open valves and turn on the wort pump, and clean the inside of the tank and the related pipeline for 30 minutes.

2.4 After the Kettle/Whirlpool tank is cleaned, the alkali liquor is pumped into other brewing tanks for circulating cleaning.

3.Waste alkali liquor treatment

When the alkali liquor is determined not to be used, it can be drained directly.

4.Rinse with clear water and hot water

4.1 After the alkaline washing is completed, clean the Brewhouse system and pipeline with tap water 

until the discharged waste water has no alkali residue.

4.2 Hot water circulation cleaning, heating the hot water in the mash tun to 70-80 degrees 

(the water level should be higher than heater), and cleaning the mash tun, lauter tun, boiling tank, whirlpool tank 

and pipeline again according to the alkaline washing steps.

* Special attention:

A. Pay attention to protection, you must wear protective equipment during operation, 

and direct contact with alkali liquor is strictly prohibited.

B.Electric heating equipment shall ensure that the liquid level higher 

than the heating tubes to avoid damage to the heating tubes caused by dry burning.

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