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Is Hop Back Necessary For My Brewery System?

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Is Hop Back Necessary For My Brewery System?


What is hop back? Hop back is a brewing vat 

into which the wort is run after boiling in the kettle tank 

and which has a perforated false bottom for straining off the hops. It is also called hop jack.

The hop back is normally positioned between the brew kettle and heat exchanger.

 hop back

What is the function of hop back?

Hop backs provide flavor and aroma without adding significant bitterness to the beer. 

Adding a hop back are a great way to improve the flavor and character of your brews. 

We recommend putting your hops in perforated false bottom to 

keep them in the hop back and out of your wort heat exchanger.

 hop back 2

How is the hop back operation?

Hot wort passes through the hop back. As the wort does not spend much time 

in contact with the hops, bitterness is not extracted (much) but the flavor and aroma

 of the hops are imparted to the wort. 

The amount of bitterness extraction depends on the level of bitterness that already exists in the wort. 

The lower the IBUs of the wort coming out of the brew kettle, 

the more bitterness will be extracted in the hop back. In any case,

 it is much less than you will see by adding hops to the kettle.


What size is suitable for my brewery?

According to calculation, we recommend

a 20L hop back for 500l-1000L brewery system,

A 30L hop back for 1000l-2000L brewery system,

A 50L hop back for 3000L brewery system.

A 80L/100L hop back for 5000L brewery equipment.


Like all of our brewery equipment, 

our hop backs are made from SUS304 and using sanitary fittings and hardware.

So feel free to contact with us if you have any questions or inquiry. 

Brewman also welcome your new suggestion and idea about hop back

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