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Spain 50L Small Craft Beer Brewery Equipment

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Spain 50L Small Craft Beer Brewery Equipment

This 50l small craft beer equipment is built for a customer in Spain. 

Leo is a professional brewers, he was running a 6000L brewery in Argentina.

50L is small brewing equipment for his interest and recipe testing.

It is very lucky for Brewman to have the chance to build this 50l small batch brewing equipment.

Please review this project with Brewman and share your suggestions with Brewman Machinery.

Part I: 50L small scale brewery equipment starting consulting, proposal communication via email and call.

During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of 50L small batch beer brewing equipment:

The main configurations mainly include:

50L small batch brewing equipment Includes:

1x 50L Mash lauter tank

1x 50L Kettle Whirlpool tank

1x Brewhouse Controller

1x 1 M2 Heat exchanger

1x Wort Pump

50L Fermenter tank Skid Includes:

1x 1HP Chiller

1x 100L Glycol water tank

2x 50L Fermenters

1x Fermentation Controllers

1x Glycol pump

Part II: 50L small batch beer equipment layout, 2D and 3D drawing design before manufacturing

3D drawing of 50L brewing tanks

50L Brewing Equipment

3D drawing of 50l fermentation tank Cart Unit

50L Fermentation Skid 3D

Part III: Manufacturing of 100l pilot brewery equipment

50L Brewhouse under manufacturing

50l brew tankAreation of small batch brewery equipment50L Small Craft Beer Equipment (2)50L Small Craft Beer Equipment (1)

50L fermenter under manufacturing 50l conical fermenter (2)50l conical fermenter

Part IV: Finish of 50L small batch beer making equipment

2 pcs 50l fermenter on skid

50L beer cylinder conical fermenter (3)50L beer cylinder conical fermenter (2)50L beer cylinder conical fermenter (1)

50L Pilot Brewhouse on Skid small commercial beer brewing equipment, Electric heating unit

50L brewing tank small microbrewery (1)50L brewing tank small microbrewery (2)50L brewing tank small microbrewery (3)

Part V: Shipping of 50l setting up a small microbrewery

All pilot small brewing equipment are loaded and shipped by LCL shipping with plywood case.

Part IV: 50l small brewing equipment installation

Part V: Expect to their first batch beer.

In kegs

In Cans


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