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What Equipment Do I Need To Make Cold Brew Coffee?

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What Equipment Do I Need To Make Cold Brew Coffee?

What is cold brew coffee?

Ethically sourced coffee is immersed in cold water for up to 24 hours. 

There is no milk or any other ingredient added throughout brew process.

The coffee soaks and steeps, just like tea leaves in a cup, only much slower.

 Once brewed, we keg the coffee and filter to remove fines.

Brewman turnkey one-stop source for cold coffee brewing and package. 

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What capcaity do we have for  cold brew coffee?

No cold brew business is the same, and brewman offers customized solutions to fit your needs.

Cold brew coffee equipment are available from 200l - 2000l, 

and a standard unit comes with a glycol jacketed mixing vessel with a false bottom and automated rake/plow system.

Package your cold brew coffee products with an canning line.

What equipment do I need for cold brew coffee?

Basic basic coffee brew equipment included below items:

Glycol jacketed mixing vessel with pump (variable speed drive)

Jacket holding tank

Mobile pump (variable speed drive) for cleaning tanks

Glycol tank

Glycol chiller


Canning machine

Coffee brewing systemCoffee brew coldCoffee Brew Equipment

Contact with brewman to get a quotation for batch brew coffee equipment.

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