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What Flow Meter Should I Choose for My Brewhouse?

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What Flow Meter Should I Choose for My Brewhouse?


What is flow meter? Flow meter is used for measuring the mashing water 

and sparging water during mashing process.

It can also be used after Heat exchanger and before fermentation tank to measure the wort go to fermenter.

Flow Meter on Heat exchanger

There are many brands and types flow meters, which should I choose?

Well it depends on your requirements about flow meter.

Brewman will introduce the flow meters we used in our brewhouse.

There are two types according to the operation of flow meter,

one is turbine flow meter and the other is electromagnetic flow meter.

Turbine flow meter has two types, one is with 0-10V electric power and the other one with battery. 

The electric powered flow meter will connect with controller directly, the brewery controller will supply power to it.

The battery flow meter do not have to connect with controller, the battery will supply power to it, 

but the battery need to replace once per year, so we will equip spare battery flow meter to you.

The green button can zero the flow meter directly, very easy on operation.

 Flow meter China

For electromagnetic flow meter, we have two brands, one is Germany brand IFM flow meter, 

the other is Chinese brand flow meter. 

IFM flow meter is sensitive and stable, it can be installed any place no matter how big the flow. 

But it is very difficult to zero it, unless there is a integrating instrument on controller to match with the IFM flow meter.

IFM brand flow meter for mashing water and sparging water

IFM brand flow meter on brewhouse

integrating instrumentfor IFM flow meter

While Chinese brand electromagnetic flow meter flow meter have to be installed on the place which can ensure full flow. 

It is not so sensitive as IFM. But it has a remote control to zero the flow meter.

Remote control for China flow meter

flow meter location

Flow meter Chinese brand

Above are the flow meters brewman used in beer brewhouse,

 which one do you like? And welcome to recommend good function flow meter.

 Brewman always improve ourselves with suggestions from customers.

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