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What Is Grist Hydrator And What Is Its Function?

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What Is Grist Hydrator And What Is Its Function?

What Is a Grist Hydrator?

Grist hydrator is a very popular mash tank accessory in beer brewing. 

It typically sits at the top of mash tank that rapidly wets the milled malt 

before the crushed malt are fed into the mash tun and mix with brewing water.

What Is Function of Grist Hydrator?

Grist hydrators are used to minimize doughballs in your mash tun. 

This is important because doughballs keep the hot liquor from mingling with a portion of your crushed grain.  

If the liquor is not able to access all of the grain, it will not be able to effectively activate your enzymes for conversion.

What Type of Grist Hydrator?

For nano brewery system, Brewman often suggest the combined grist hydrator. 

A small hopper sits atop of the grist hydrator. It is simple and affordable.

grist hydrator for nano brewery

For microbrewery system, 4 inch stainless steel bell house grist hydrator is perfect.

Grist hydrator

A conical hopper can be attached to the top of the hydrator to help the feeding process.

grist hopper

There is also a glass type grist hydrator that is superior visible, 

we can observe the malt wetting process clearly.

glass grist hydrator beer brewing

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