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What Type Brewery Work Platform Should I Choose for My Brewhouse?

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What Type Brewery Work Platform Should I Choose for My Brewhouse?

What is brewery work platform? 

It is often used to observe brewery brewhouse operation during mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool process.

As we all know, mashing is the key process of beer brewing, so it is very impotant to observe mashing.

So it is also very important to choose a suitable brewery work platform for your brewhouse.

Brewman will introduce the type of brewhouse platform one by one.

This first one is the most popular brewery brewhoue platform, it is fish eye workplatform. 

It is very popular for pub brewery, micro brewery and nanobrewery.

It is antiskid and beautiful. 

There are many designs, normal type brewery platform, it is used for many microbrewery.

The brewery platform can be designed as below type if you have limit space, it is often used in nano brewery system.

nanobrewery platform save space

platform for operation

If you have 4 vessel brewhouse or 5 vessel brewhouse, the second platform might need to be designed.

second walk platform

The second type is palisade platform, its antislip function is better than the fish eye brewhouse platform. 

But it is not so good look as the fish eye brewery platform.

brewery platform

For small brewery below 300l brewery, normally there is no platform, as it is not so tall and easy operation and observation.

But some brewers prefer one small brewhouse platform, then we suggest you one movable brewhouse paltform.

You can move it and use it anyplace you want.

steps for small breweryContact with brewman and share your interest platform with us.

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