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What Type Connection Is Better For Brewhouse Steam Pipe?

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What Type Connection Is Better For Brewhouse Steam Pipe?

When talking to steam pipe, pipe threads will occurs in our mind.

There are many national and international standards for pipe threads. 

So the first step is to identify whether they are parallel(straight) pipe thread 

or tapered pipe thread when considering brewhouse steam pipeline.

comparing tapered pipe threads with parallel pipe threads

What is parallel(straight) pipe thread? 

The parallel(straight) pipe thread are straight, or parallel, 

meaning they have the same diameter the entire length of the threads. 

They have to be sealed with a lot tapes or O rings to get good seals. 

BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel) threads is one common type of 

parallel(straight) pipe thread that is often used in machinery industry.

On many BSPP pipe thread fittings, the threads have matching internal seats 

that compresses when tightened, and an O-ring or gasket completes the seal. 

Take care not to over-tighten the fittings, as this can deform the compression seats and cause leaks

What is tapered pipe thread? 

The tapered pipe Tapered threads are threads that taper along the thread profile 

and simply observe the decreasing diameter of the threads. Tapered threads help make better seals. 

The male and female threads compress and wedge themselves together. 

As a result, these connections are stronger and leak resistant.

When installing a tapered fitting, you can feel the resistance increasing 

because the threads are increasingly interfering with mating threads. 

But you will also need a sealants for leak-free connections. 

It fills any voids between the two threads that could cause a spiral leak. 

They also function as lubricants between the male and female threads.

National Pipe Thread (NPT) and British Standard Pipe Thread (BSPT) 

are two most common standards for tapered pipe threads. 

NPT pipe thread is the most common tapered pipe thread used in the United States and Canada while BSPT is popular in Japan. 

NPT pipe thread for Canada

And NPT and BSPT pipe thread are not incompatible each other because of below reasons:

1) NPT threads have a 60-degree angle, while BSPT threads have a 55-degree angle

2) NPT threads have flattened peaks and valleys while BSPT threads have rounded peaks and valleys

3) Each NPT and BSPT pipe thread size has a specific number of threads per inch

Thread angle for NPT and BSPT

As steam is a pressure gas, so Brewman suggest tapered pipe thread for you. 

Both NPT and BSPT are very common for steam pipe thread in beer brewing areas.

tapered pipe thread BSPT

Besides threads pipe, we also have another option safe option for steam pipe, Flange connection. 

We can skip thread connection and choose flange connection if you need Brewman to prepare steam pipeline. 

Flange connection is more safe and have a long serving time. 

steam pipe flange connection

But Flange type is China standard type, it is not easy to source locally.

Contact with Brewman and share your ideas with us about steam pipe.

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