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What equipment do you need for cidery brewing and fermenting?

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What equipment do you need for cidery brewing and fermenting?

What is cider?

Cider is an alcoholic drink made by the fermented juice of fruit,usually apples. 

In some countries, it is also called hard cider. Hard cider is very popular alcoholic beverage, 

it is often found on pub or restaurant list .

How to make cider?

1) To get apple juice

2) Cidery fermentation

3) Cidery maturation

4) Cider bottling

What equipment does cidery need?

The basis for good cider is the apple juice. Once the cidery has the apple juice, 

Brewman suggests the basic cidery equipment making the best craft cider includes:

A Kettle with a agitator (Steam, Electric or gas burner heating)

1000l mash tun

A Isobaric fermenter to turn the apple juice into an alcoholic beverage cider.

1000l fermenter and brite tank

Brite Tanks to clarify, carbonate and store cider

bright tank

Fermentation Control panel with glycol controls for fermentation monitoring

A CIP system with two tanks for sanitation. This can be designed as simple as a manual system which includes a mobile pump cart.

CIP Cart (1)

An Infusion Vessel to add flavor ingredients to the cider such as fruit, hops or spices to create a unique craft cider.

A portable pump with the ability to control speed, flow rate

CIP Pump (4)

Related accessories with the various sanitary hose lengths, clamps, gaskets, 

and other small parts needed to keep the equipment running.

Glycol Chiller and glycol water tank is a must to keep the cider cold throughout various cellar processes.

chiller Installation

If the cidery is going to keg or bottle the product for draft, then a keg washer and bottle filler will be needed.

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