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500L Jacketed Fermenters In Stock

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500L Jacketed Fermenters In Stock

500L fermenter configuration

Function:Beer Fermenting
Connection: Tri Clamp with Gaskets
Operation Pressure: 2bars
Effective Capacity:500 Liters
Total Capacity:600Liters
Outer Shell:2mm thickness, SUS304
Inner Shell:3mm thickness, SUS304
Inner Finish: Sanitary 2B Plate with Acid Washing and Passivation
Outer Finish: Sanitary Oil Brushed SS304
Insulation:Polyurethane(PU), Thickness= 80mm
Two Cooling Zones: Jacket on Cylinder and Cone
Dished Head and Bottomed Cone (60°)
Pressurized Top Stainless Steel Manway
Thermowell and  PT100 Temperature sensor
Top Mounted 2bar PRV Valve
Shock-Proof Pressure Gauge on CIP Arm
1.5'' TC Sample Valve (Pig Tail for option)
Beer Racking/Rotating Arm with Butterfly Valve
Discharging Arm with Butterfly Valve
CIP Arm with 360° Coverage CIP Spraying Ball
PU Level Tube
3pcs SUS304 Heavy Duty Legs with Adjustable Bolt

500L fermenter tank

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