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How Many Minutes Should I Boiling For My Wort?

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How Many Minutes Should I Boiling For My Wort?

In general, brewing process includes malt milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, wort cooling, 

wort fermentation, beer conditioning, beer filtering and packaging.

After mash lautering, the beer wort is sent to brew kettle to boil with hops and other flavouring if used. 

The boiling process is where chemical and technical reactions take place.

Those reactions include

1) Sterilization of the wort to remove unwanted bacteria

2) Releasing of hop flavour, bitterness and aroma compounds through isomerization

3) Stopping of enzymatic processe

4) Precipitation of proteins

5) Concentration of the wort.

6) Boil volatilize off-flavour, including dimethyl sulfide precursors with Vapour.

wort boiling (3)

The boiling is even and intense, and a continuous "rolling boil" is necessary . 

The boil on average lasts between 45 and 90 minutes depending on its intensity, 

the hop addition schedule, and volume of water the brewer expects to evaporate.

That is to say boiling time depends on several factors

Base Malt modification

Required evaporation rate

Style of Beer

Wort colour (Melanoidin Production)

wort boiling (1)

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