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How To Clean The Brewing Tanks And Fermentation Tanks Properly By Cip Unit?

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How To Clean The Brewing Tanks And Fermentation Tanks Properly By Cip Unit?

Brewing tanks and fermentation tanks are very necessary to keep sanitary to produce beer. 

So it is very important to clean those tanks properly. 

But hot to clean tanks? What process should we pay attention? 

Normally we will need a CIP cart unit, 100-1000L in capacity according to your brewery size. 

Usually there are five steps to clean tanks by CIP cart unit:

CIP Pump for small brewery

Firstly, hot water from HE is going to recycle to wash brewing tanks to clean the sticky sugar left in brewing tanks. 

We should apply at least 3 times washing and every time should at least last 5 mins, 

The remaining water in the fermentation tank should be drained out and go to the next step.

Please keep the CO2 exhaust pipe open when you clean fermentation tanks with hot water to avoid negetive pressure.

Secondly, after water is drained completely, 5% caustic soda is used to clean tanks for 20 minutes , 

temperature at 50-80℃. When the concentration become below, 

we need supplement it in time. When this step is finished, the caustic liquid need to be recycled.

Please keep the CO2 exhaust pipe open to avoid negetive pressure during caustic liquoir cleaning.

Thirdly, city water is applied to cleaning tanks after 5% caustic soda back to caustic tank.

The intermittent washing time should last for 15 minutes and drain.

300L Brewery CIP

The last step is to clean tanks by Hydrogen peroxide after city water drained.

The hydrogen peroxide concentration should be 300-400PPm.

The washing time should be 20 minutes by cycle.

brewery CIP

When four steps cleaning are finished, close all valves and wait for next brewing and fermentation.

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