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How to Clean a Brewery Heat Exchanger?

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How to clean a brewery heat exchanger?

Brewery equipment cleaning is an amazingly important part of brewing. 

It will result in poor beer and broken equipment if you neglect cleaning process. 

Brewers often spent half time for brewery equipment cleaning to ensure expect flavor and taste.

Heat exchanger is a cooling machine that place between kettle tank and FV.

 Its role is to flash cool wort on the way to the fermenter tank. 

As the wort loses heat it becomes susceptible to infection. 

So it is very important to do brewery heat exchanger cleaning. 

But hot to clean heat exchanger properly?

In this brief guide we’ll talk about the standard cleaning methods we often use in a typical brewery system.

As we all know, wort is very sticky and can dry hard, so the cleaning is suggested to be processed straight after use. 

Thus will make cleaning easier.

So in our brewery design, we leave a tri clamp port, 

which can connect with the hot water pump outlet and process cleaning.

Heat excahnger cleaning brewery systemHeat excahnger cleaningHeat excahnger cleaning brewery equipment

And to protect Heat exchanger well, we also equip a 2L pipe filter to stop bigger impurities.

 If possible, we also suggest a 20l, 30l or 50L hop back for you.

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