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What should we pay attention during wort pump installation?

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What should we pay attention during wort pump installation?

Wort pump is a very important parts in beer brewing, 

so it is very necessary to choose high quality and sanitary stainless steel 

centrifugal pump/impeller pump for your brewery.

Brewman Machinery use high quality LYSF pump for transferring wort and liquor.

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And it is very necessary to run the pump properly during installation.

According to our experience, the damage often happen during installation because of improper operation.

So what should we pay attention on wort pump installation?

First, we need to check pump motor rotation direction before running , 

there is a label to show the rotation direction on pump. 

Please ensure the rotation is in right direction.

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Second, please do not run the pump without liquor inside. 

We should fill the pump water before debugging. 

The pump inlet should always keep open .

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