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Insulation or Non-insulation for Whirlpool tank?

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Insulation or Non-insulation for Whirlpool tank?

Whirlpool tun is the place to process the separation of trub and clear wort.

So our question is should we keeping insulation or not on whirlpool tank?

Brewman suggestion is YES for below reasons.

Insulation for whirlpool tun

The first important factor is for safety.

After wort whirlpool process, the temperature will be still about 98Celsius in the whirlpool tun.

If somebody or brewer touched its surface by accident, he will be scalded.

Second, insulation layer can maximumly keep the wort temperature before it comes through Heat Exchanger.

When the cold water exchange heat with high temperature wort in HE, the water can get higher temperature ready for next brew.

Third is the high temperature can make sure the wort in lowest risk of bacteria contamination.

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