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What Design Is Good For Whirlpool Tun? Cone Bottom Or Slop Bottom?

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What Design Is Good For Whirlpool Tun? Cone Bottom Or Slop Bottom?


After wort boiling, wort go to whirlpool tun and process whirlpool. 

Whirlpool tun process the separation of trub and clear wort. 

That is very important process, so the design of whirlpool tun is very critical for the whole brewery. 

The bottom of the whirlpool tank is commonly flat for better trub pile drainage and yield, 

but designs with cone, plate, convex and sloped bottoms are also well applied.

While slot type and cone bottom whirlpool tun is more popular for micro brewery and craft beer brewery.

 Shape of whirlpool tun bottom

The slot bottom is usually for bigger brewhouse tanks, for example 30hl brewery, 

we suggest slot bottom to achieve a better whirlpool effect. 

Slot bottom whirlpool tun can get more wort from the trub (hot break) than cone type.

In a bigger brewhouse, whirlpool tun slot bottom is a little big to clean by CIP at top. 

So a spray CIP ball is necessary to be installed at the center of whirlpool tank bottom.

This design with CIP ball can clean the trub at the bottom completely.

 whirlpool tun (3)whirlpool tun (2)

For cone bottom whirlpool tank, CIP liquids will flow into cone bottom, 

and then clean the trub. So this design is very popular for nano brewery and mini brewery.

 whirlpool tun (6)

whirlpool tun (7)

whirlpool tun (5)whirlpool tun (4)

Welcome to share with brewman your preference design of whirlpool tank.

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