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Where Should I Place My Glycol Chiller?

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Where should I place my glycol chiller?


Glycol chiller is one of the important components in a whole craft beer brewing system. 

Brewman use air-cooled glycol chiller which outputs glycol water directly instead of Freon. 

The whole glycol cooling system is composed by glycol chiller, glycol water tank, 

glycol water pump and glycol pipelines, they form a cooling circle. 

Warm glycol water is cooled by glycol chiller, the cooled glycol water back to glycol water tank, 

the cooled glycol water go to cool fermenters and become warm glycol water back to glycol water tank.

glycol cooling system

The glycol chiller will release hot air and noise during working. 

Concerning that, most brewers prefer to place glycol chiller outside of brewery. 

In this condition, a protective cover should be built for chiller to avoid rain erosion.

glycol chillerchiller 2

Meanwhile, we should pay much attention on your local winter temperature when installing the glycol chiller. 

The suitable working temperature of glycol chiller is higher than -15 Celsius Degree. 

The chiller might not work properly if the temp is lower than -15 Celsius degree.

 In this condition, you have to place chiller indoor. 

A good heat heat dissipation with a big air exhaust fan is necessary for the room placed glycol chiller. 

The glycol chiller is a little noise when it is working, but it is in the reasonable range.

 exhaust ventCO2 cylinder

Besides,it is better to have two chillers in a beer brewing system, 

which can ensure one chiller can work when the other one has problem. 

That is very important for beer fermentation. 

Also two glycol chillers can work alternatively, that can expand chillers’life time.

Contact with brewman and share with us your experience regarding to glycol chiller.

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