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Is There Any Difference Of Brewery Design If We Use Beer Brewing Equipment At High Altitude And Pressure?

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Is there any difference of brewery design if we use beer brewing equipment at high altitude and pressure?


Sometimes, brewers will establish their brewery factory at high altitude location

 which is about 3000-5000 meters over the sea level; 

this situation is very common in South America, Asia and Europe area. 

So is there any difference of brewery design of beer brewing equipment at high attitude. 

Will the steam generator and other brewery equipment work well at high altitude and pressure?


According to our experience, Kettle tun and motors need to be customized specially 

At the high sea level, the wort boiling points will reduce with rising of attitude and pressure.

At altitude 0 meters, boiling point is 100 Celsius Degree;

At altitude 2000 meters, boiling point is 93 Celsius Degree;

At altitude 3000 meters, boiling point is 91 Celsius Degree;

At altitude 5000 meters, boiling point is 83 Celsius Degree;

At altitude 8848 meters, boiling point is 72 Celsius Degree;

That means the boiling point will drop 1 degree per 300 meters altitude increase.

In this condition, the brewery equipment requires pressure boiling. 

So Brewman design some improvements in beer brewery equipment.


First, all brewery motors should be customized higher than normal.


CSA motor

brewery motor

UL motor

auger motor

Second, the kettle tank should be customized as below points:

1) the kettle tank should be pressure-bearing manway, that is very import for wort pressure boiling.

pressure holding manway (1)

2) a butterfly valve should be added on the steam condenser to make sure leakproofness.

3) the vacuum relief valve should be added on dished top of kettle tun for breath and pressure relief .

pressure holding manway (2)

4) the pressure gauge is also necessary for kettle tun

5) the hops adding pressurizer should be added on kettle tank.

pressure holding device

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