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What Should I Prepare In My Brewery After The Whole Beer System Delivery?

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What Should I Prepare In My Brewery After The Whole Beer System Delivery?


After the whole beer system finish manufacturing, 

it enters the process of brewery equipment shipping and transportation. 

It will have one month sea shipping process, 

Brewman suggest to prepare everything well for installation during brewery equipment shipping.

 brewery equipment

But what should I prepare in my brewery?

There are mainly five parts may need the customers to prepare:


1) The gas source for steam boiler

If you choose steam heating or burner direct fire heating, 

the gas source should be ready in your brewery. 

Stable and sufficient gas source is necessary for wort boiling and mashing. 

Brewman suggest gas source system instead gas cylinder.


2) The electric source for controller and brewery equipment

3 phase electricity is necessary for brewery equipment. 

As 3 phase is stable and good for brewery pump motor, rake motor and brewery machines.

Electricity is very important for a brewery system, it should be double confirmed before brewery system production.

Please also confirm if you have enough power in your brewery, if not, we need to buy enough electricity.

Steam heating and burner heating beer system requires small electricity for operation, the electric beer brewhouse require higher electricity.

So we suggest steam heating for bigger system as it heats evenly, fast and less electricity consume.

 burner fire heating brewhouse

3) Air source

Air source might be need in below brewery brewing and fermentation process

a: Full sanitary air compressor for beer wort aeration

Customer need to prepare one full sanitary air compressor 

to offer the sterile air for the wort after wort cooling in heat exchanger. 

It is easy to get in local market, but brewman can also offer oil-less air compressor if you need one. 

The capacity depends on the capacity of brewhouse and quantities 

of fermentation tanks and brite tanks. Sometimes it will also be used for bottling line.

The fermentation tank and brite tank also need compressor air 

to keep tank pressurize after brewery CIP cleaning.

 Air compressor

b: CO2 cylinder

The CO2 cylinder is used for carbonating for the brite tanks and fermentation unitanks. 

Considering it is a special pressure vessels, so brewman also suggest to find it from local place, 

which will be more convenient for the air company to provide CO2 for you.

 CO2 cylinder

cylinder CO2

4) The water source

A water treatment might be needed for some brewers. 

A few brewers want to brew special beers which need special water bill (included content of various of ion).  

It may need water Reverse Osmosis.

In some areas, the water is not good for brewing, 

a water treatment machine is also need to achieve water good enough for beer brewing.

 water treatment

5) Steam pipelines and glycol pipeline

For steam pipeline, it requires specialist to install, 

and it is much easier to know how many meters pipe do they need after seeing the brewery location. 

And it is easy to replace the accessories locally.

For glycol pipeline, the USA customers prefer to source UPVC and NPT thread connection

 locally for glycol beer system. While NPT thread is not easy to find in China.

 brewery system installation

Considering each brewery may have different special requirements 

about the design of beer brewery equipment, 

so welcome to contact brewman about your design and brewman

 will offer you the suitable brewery solutions.

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