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How to Clean Your Heat Exchanger Properly?

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How to clean your heat exchanger properly?

Why beer is easy to go bad?Bacteria is the biggest factor during beer brewing. 

Beer brewing equipment including brewing tanks, pumps, brewing pipes, heat exchanger etc. 

They should not have dead corner that might hide the bacteria. 

So it is very important to know how to use and clean heat exchanger properly.

HE cleaning brewhousehe cleaning

Before brewing, please sterilize pipeline and HE for more than ten minutes 

using hot water whose temperature is between 85℃ and 90℃.

Every time you finish brewing, the residual wort should be packed out by clean water.

Then please use 85℃ temperature 1-1.5% NaOH solutions to clean and cycle 15mins.

The cleaning is finished after packing out the remain NaOH solutions in HE.

If you also want to clean the pipeline at the same time, 

we can use hot water and NaOH solutions clean and recycle in the whole brewhouse.

Strict cleaning procedure is very important for all pubs and breweries. 

Each step must be done properly. Or a small mistake may destroy all your beer. 

Tips for cleaning: 

a. After serveal months running, the HE should be disassembly and clean inside.

b. The EPDM need disassembly and infusion 10-20mins in 100℃ hot water to recover their elasticity.

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