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Steam Condenser Indoor or Exhaust Pipe Outdoor for Brewery Kettle Tun?

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Which Fits My Brewery Kettle Tank, Steam Condenser Indoor or Exhaust Pipe Outdoor?


There will cause much heat during wort boiling, so what is the best solution for our brewery stack condensor?

Choose a brewhosue steam condenser which exhaust condensate steam indoor?

Or choose a steam exhaust stack pipe of kettle tank that exhausting the steam direct to the outdoor?


The best way is to exhaust steam directly to the outdoor, we induct a steam stack from the top of boiling tank. 

There is a ring and small pipe design on kettle tank to avoid the condensate steam back to boiling tank.  

Normally the stack is through roof straightly and exhaust steam outside.

stack outdoor

Exhaust pipe

Sometimes the exhaust pipe will go side wall and exhaust outside. 

But the suggested vent height before go side wall is more than 1M to avoid overflowing of kettle tank.

stack exhaust pipe

Dump Stack

Stack for exhausting steam

 exhaust pipe

But if local government do not allow to exhaust the steam outside, 

we should choose the indoor steam condenser stack condensor. 

The steam condenser has many cold water spray nozzles in it to 'condense' the steam. 

The condensed steam then flows down to drain. 

In the steam condenser, we also design a CIP ball inside for easy cleaning.

steam condenser of kettle tun

This kind type might cause a little hot during summer, so some customer will install a vent to exhaust hot air outside.

exhaust vent

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