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What Kind Beer Racking Rotating Arm Should I Choose for Conical Brewery Fermenter

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What kind Beer Racking Rotating Arm should I choose


As most brewers knows, it is very important that fermentation tank should be sanitary and easy cleaning. 

The manufacturing of beer fermentation tank require very strict during tank polishing and welding. 

As any parts that contact with beer should be sanitary, fine polishing, smooth welding, no dead corner for easy cleaning etc.


Beer often be taken in and out from the racking rotating arm, 

so it is very very necessary and important to have a smooth and sanitary racking rotating arm. 

Brewman adopt proper beer racking rotating arm design for conical fermenters. 

That new design will avoid beer bacterial contamination and keep tank sanitary.

 And there is also a positioning arm that show you at what angle the racking arm is inside the conical. 

This design replaces the ball valve-style arms from the old conical fermentation tank.

racking arm inside

Brewman have two designs for beer racking rotating arm, one type is tri clamp connection with a flexible axis of rotation. 

You can get craft beer as much as possible by rotating the axis without losening the tri clamp connection. 

This design is popular among North America

 rotating racking arm (1)

The second type is the SMS connection beer racking rotating arm. 

There is also an axis of rotation, but it is fixed, as the it can rotate the arm by thread. It is also a sanitary and good design. 

It is popular for South America and European countries.

racking arm on fermenters

SMS racking arm

SMS rotating racking arm

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