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Do We Need a Cold Liquid Tank In Our Brewery System?
22 August 2021

Do We Need a Cold Liquid Tank In Our Brewery System? What is cold liquor tank? Cold liquor tank is a double brewhouse capacity vessels that is used to store cold water. The cold liquor tank is used to fast cool wort in 40mins, the warmed water will lead to hot water tank for recycling.The cold liquo

How to Calculate Beer Loss of Brewery Equipment?
16 August 2021

Beer loss occurs during brewing startup, wort fermenting to beer process, from careless fobbing, overfilling, beer line leakages, bottle breakage . And beer loss often depends on the brewery scale and technical capacities. So most brewers and brewery owner often calculate the beer loss before starting a brewery or pub.

Do I Need A Hop Gun for My Brewery?
15 August 2021

Do I Need A Hop Gun for My Brewery?What is the Hop Gun?Hop Gun is performed drying hopping in cold area after the brewing process. It can happen in beer fermentation tank or Brite Tank. Why we need a hop gun? In the fermenter tank or bright tank, beer is almost finished but has not be fully mature y

Steam Condenser Indoor or Exhaust Pipe Outdoor for Brewery Kettle Tun?
20 July 2021

There will cause much heat during wort boiling, so what is the best solution for our brewery stack condensor? Choose a brewhosue steam condenser which exhaust condensate steam indoor? Or choose a steam exhaust stack pipe of kettle tank that exhausting the steam direct to the outdoor?

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