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Do We Need a Cold Liquid Tank In Our Brewery System?

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Do We Need a Cold Liquid Tank In Our Brewery System?


What is cold liquor tank? 

Cold liquor tank is a double brewhouse capacity vessels that is used to store cold water. 

The cold liquor tank is used to fast cool wort in 40mins, the warmed water will be recycled to hot water tank.

The cold liquor tank often keep about 4 Celsius by glycol water. 

The glycol water tank will send glycol water to cool it once the temp is higher than 4 Celsius.


In wort brewing process, most cooling energy will serve for hot wort cooling, 

the wort will be cooled from 98℃ to 9℃~18℃ (lager/ale), 

it need large cooling to finish it in short time about 30 minutes.


But is cold liquid tank necessary for my brewery system? Yes or No?

Well it depends on your budget on brewery. 

If you have limit budget, we can skip cold liquid tank(CLT), 

as the glycol water tank(GWT) is also in high efficiency for cooling. 

Glycol and temperature

Glycol water tank and city water will cool wort together. 

It can fast cool the wort in 40mins. 

Our Nanhua heat exchanger is very efficiency in cooling and safety. 

So glycol water is very safe during wort cooling process.

 Working principle for Heat exchanger


But in some areas, there are regulations it is not allowed to use Glycol water to cool wort directly for 100% safety. 

Then we have to use a cold liquor tank.

The cold water is pumped through heat exchanger for wort cooling. 

After cooling, the cold water will be heated up to about 65℃(the cooled wort about 20℃), 

and transfer to hot liquid tank.This part water can be used to start next batch mashing, 

or sparing or pipeline sterilization, it will help you save energy and time to heat water again.


It is also necessary to have a cold water tank if your brewery capacity is bigger 2000L and brew several batches a day.   

Usually, the cold water tank has similar capacity as hot water tank, double or more times as the brewery brewhouse.

Of course, if you only brew one batch per day, and your brewhouse is under 1000L in capacity, GLT is totally OK for a brewery equipment.

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