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Where Should I Place My Glycol Chiller?
06 October 2021

Where should I place my glycol chiller? Glycol chiller is one of the important components in a whole craft beer brewing system. Brewman use air-cooled glycol chiller which outputs glycol water directly instead of Freon. The whole glycol cooling system is composed by glycol chiller, glycol water tank

What Should I Do When The Chiller Keep Poping The Circuit Breaker?
26 September 2021

What should I do when the chiller keep poping the circuit breaker? Sometimes the chiller might occur problem when customer install the whole brewery system themselves. There might have virtual connect, fire sparking or short circuit during installation.So please send brewman the video and let us che

Where Should I Place My Brewery Chiller?
19 September 2021

Where should I place my brewery chiller? The whole cooling system includes chiller, glycol water tank, glycol pipelines.Chiller cool glycol water in glycol water tank, and glycol water tank provide cooling capacity to fermentation tank and wort cooling in Heat exchanger.So chiller plays a critical r

How to Fix Brewery Chiller When Glycol Chiller Alarm?
21 August 2021

How to Fix Brewery Chiller When Glycol Chiller Alarm?

How to Restart My Chiller if I Forget My Passwords?
19 August 2021

Open the back cover of touch screen of glycol chiller, remove top elements and restart the battery

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