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Where Should I Place My Brewery Chiller?

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Where should I place my brewery chiller?


The whole cooling system includes chiller, glycol water tank, glycol pipelines.

Chiller cool glycol water in glycol water tank, 

and glycol water tank provide cooling capacity to fermentation tank and wort cooling in Heat exchanger.

So chiller plays a critical role in the whole beer brewing system.

But where should we place glycol chiller? What location is best for it?


Brewman suggest the nearest outside place near glycol water tank, see below photo.

Place outside can ensure a good heat dissipation, 

and near the location of glycol water tank can avoid cool capacity loss during transferring.

But a protective cover needs to be put on chiller to avoid rain erosion if we place chiller outside.

 chiller InstallationGlycol chiller (5)

But what if the near outside place is not available.

We can place chiller indoor, on the roof or second floor.


If we place chiller indoor and a separate room far from brewery area.

We do not suggest the glycol chiller too far from glycol water tank, not far than 8M.

When chiller is working, it will release hot air and noise. 

So we need to customize a fan or  chimney stack to help heat dissipation.

 Glycol chiller (2)

CO2 cylinder

Some customer do not have enough space in the brewery area, and the outside place is the area of neighbor. 

Where should we place the chiller? The answer is on the roof, second floor or hang on the wall at high location.

In the condition, the glycol water tank is at low level, and chiller at high level. 

the chiller usually should be installed at the same or below level under glycol water tank

 for the sake of pump suction distance and the principle of communicating vessels.

So we need to remove glycol pump from chiller and place it near glycol water tank. 

That will ensure the level of glycol water tank higher than the pump. That is safe for glycol chiller

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