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What Should I Do When The Chiller Keep Poping The Circuit Breaker?

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What should I do when the chiller keep poping the circuit breaker?


Sometimes the chiller might occur problem when customer 

install the whole brewery system themselves. 

There might have virtual connect, fire sparking or short circuit during installation.

So please send brewman the video and let us check what problem happen.


For example, one Japan customer occur keep poping circuit break, 

then he should do as below steps for checking problem.

Chiller soultions (6)

First please measure the input voltage by multimeter and show us the voltage number on universal meter.

Second please check the voltage showed on chiller nameplate and take a photo for us.

 Chiller soultions (3)

After checking the input voltage is 207V, while the nameplate voltage is 200V. 

The difference is okay. Next we should do below steps for more testing:

First measure the three wire under air switch and check if they are right. 

Please send us the number to brewman engineer and check.

Second, please take apart the wire of 31 32 33 and restart the chiller to check if they are okay. 

This steps is to test the if the circuit breaker poping is caused by the glycol water pump in chiller.

Please poke the square hole with a flat-head screwdriver and the wire can come off.

Chiller soultions (5)

Contact with brewman if you also have similar experience.:-)

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