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What Kind Hot/Cold Water Mixer Should I Choose For My Mash Tun?

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What Kind Hot/Cold Water Mixer Should I Choose For My Mash Tun?



As experienced brewers, we often want to know how many liters water do I used for mashing and sparging. 

So a flow meter is required to match with the brewhouse pipeline.

Before the flow meter, we also have a hot/clod water mixer and bimetal thermometer.

There are manual hot/clod water mixer, manual diaphragm valves and automatic type for options.

The manual type hot/clod water mixer have one head for city water and one head for hot water.

It is to adjust the suitable temperature by hand until the bimetal thermometer on right temperature.

manual mixing valve

While the manual diaphragm valves is much better than manual mixer in function, 

it is more easier to be adjusted by hand. Normally two pcs manual diaphragm valves is required for hot/cold water mixing.

 manual diaphragm valves

The automatic type hot/clod water mixer can be set a temp, 

and it will adjust the ratio of hot water and city water automatically.

auto mixing valve

Mixing valve

So which design do you like?

Feel free to contact with Brewman and share your experience 

about a hot/clod water mixer you used in your pub and brewery.

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