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What Should I Do If My Brewery Controller Fail To Work?

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What should I do if my brewery controller fail to work?


Brewery controller is the important part of beer system, 

so it is very important to fix them if problem occur. 

Brewman often provide fast and instant for brewery customers.


Like one of Japan customer has a problem for his brewery controller, the main breaker sparks .  

brewery controller (2)

brewery controller (3)

How do I know next for repair this problem if engineer can not fly during COVID period?we need customer to send the problem video.

First customers should measure the place where sparked by a multimeter to test is there is a virtual connection.

brewery controller (5)

Second the customer should also measure if the electric components after breaker is short circuit.

After checking, the customer found that one wires were loose, 

brewery controller (6)

he replaced the siwtch seveal days ago, the control panel works well after tightening the wire.

brewery controller (4)

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