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Is The Dry Heating Protector Necessary For Brewery Kettle Tank?

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Is The Dry Heating Protector Necessary For Brewery Kettle Tank?

Normally, there are three ways brewery kettle heating, steam, electric and gas burner direct fire heating. 

And brewery equipment manufacturers often add a dry heating protector on brewhouse kettle tank 

to prevent dry heating during boiling. 

So is that necessary to have a dry heating sensor for brewhouse kettle tank?

If you use the float type dry heating sensor, then our suggest it is not adding it. 

As the wort in kettle tank will be boiled strongly, this force will often cause the float ball up and reach dry heating alarm. 

That will cut the heating, which is not good for continuous boiling.

But if your sensor is capacitor type level sensor, it is okay to add one. 

inside of brewing tanks (2)inside of brewing tanks (1)

Brewman often use Negele sensor and IFM sensor for capacitor type level sensor.

Negele level sensorIFM level sensor

If you have budget limitation, then it is okay to not adding dry heating sensor for brewhouse kettle. 

As all brewers know, the wort boiling time is about 60-90mins. 

Within 60-90mins, only 8-10% water is boiling off, 

and brewers will often pay attention on the kettle tank heating, it is hardly to ignore the heating during wort boiling.

But it is very necessary to add float type heating sensor for hot water tank. 

You know, hot water tank is easy to be ignored:-) 

We have float ball type and duck month type float for option.

Dry Heating Protector

dry heating sensorkombucha equipment dry heating sensordry heating sensor for brewing tanks (1)dry heating sensor for brewing tanks (2)

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