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Semi Auto Beer Labeling Machine for Sale

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Product Description

Semi Auto Beer Labeling Machine for Sale

Technical parameters for labeling machine:

Power supply:  AC220V, 50HZ

Dimensions (mm) : 920(L)*450(W)*500(H)(mm)

Weight (kg) :35Kg

Labeling Speed (pcs / min): 15-30 pcs/min (related with product label dimensions).

Labeling Accuracy: ±1mm

Applicable product size: diameter φ15mm~φ120mm

Applicable label size(backing paper): Width10~180mm Length15~376mm

Maximum label supply: diameter 280mm,core diameter:76mm

Working air pressure: Do not need air pressure

Service environment:0-50℃

Relative humidity:15-85%

The whole working processes of roll label labeling machine include Transport,

positioning, bids, patching and backing paper rewinding. To complete the whole

progress the overall label need to meet the following request:

Label spacing: 3-4mm±0.2mm

label and backing paper top and bottom spacing: 2mm

Surface material : Basis weight 78 g/m2 ±10% 

Thickness :0.064mm ±10%

Backing paper : Basis weight 61g/m2, ±10% 

Thickness:0.055mm ±10%

Releasing force consistency, thickness uniformity, have certain degree of tensile strength,

translucent glassine backing paper range between 60-80g, fiber density, tightness and

flatness should be good. The label is not easy to break, the whole transmittance should be consistency, sensor needs to identify the label's position correctly.

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