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Stainless Steel Lenticular Filter Housing For Sale

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Lenticular Filter Housing
Aleternative new products for diatomite filter

Product Description

Stainless Steel Lenticular Filter Housing For Sale


Lenticular Filter is a new type of stacks filter, which can be in place of diatomite filter. We know it is a little difficult to get a DE filter running. Lenticular Filter is designed to remove tiny impurities in varied kinds of liquid filtration, clarification, purification.

Lenticular Filter Housing can maximum install 4 filter stacks,it can fit for big flow requirements .


Easy to clean, the inlet/outlet can be configured special discharge valve, easy to drain.

Easy to replace the filter stacks, reduce the filter medium leakage

Polishing precision Inner surface 0.3μm,

Outside surface 0.4μm

Operating Conditions

Max operating pressure: 0.6MPa

Max operating temperature: 150℃

Disinfect online or steam sterilization: 121℃/30min


Microbe and solid filtration of alcohol, syrup, beer

End filtration of fruit juice and juice concentrate

Pre filtering of juice membrane filtration

Clarification of alcohol, enzyme dissolution, liquid gum, olive oil

Pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic filtration

Models for inner filter

12’’ Filter Stacks: 1-4 pcs for option

16’’ Filter Stacks: 1-4 pcs for option

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