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What Advantages of Brewman Design For Wort Grant?

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What Advantages of Brewman Design For Wort Grant?

Wort grant is a small wort collection vessel with wort flowing in from the bottom

and being pumped off through a side port. It is placed between the lauter

tun and the brew kettle. It plays a critical role in wort buffering.

So its pipeline design is also important for beer brewing.

See our primary design for wort grant. This type have a long pipe up unitil reaching the tank height and end with a eblow.

wort grant

After feedback from our customers, we upgraded our wort grant design to avoid wort contacting with air.

Our new design for wort grant pipeline

wort grant new design brewman


This design will connect the final pipe with mash lauter tank, it has below advantages:

1)Stop air connect with wort and reduce oxidation

2)The new design can be cleaned with brewhouse, so we do not have to move the CIP unit and cleaning the buffer tank separately.

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