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What Glycol Pipeline Should I Choose For My Brewery?

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What Glycol Pipeline Should I Choose For My Brewery?

Glycol pipeline is one part of glycol cooling unit. It responses for cool glycol water transferring , 

the transferring often happened between glycol water tank and fermentation tank / brite tank, chiller and glycol water tank.

The glycol pipeline is also an important factor in glycol cooling unit expect for glycol chiller. 

So it is very important to choose suitable glycol pipeline for a brewery. 

Brewman have stainless steel glycol pipeline, PPR pipeline, PPR+PEX combination pipeline for option. 

But which one is suitable for my brewery? We will introduce our three options one by one for you before making choice.

1) Stainless steel glycol pipeline

Pros: It has a long service time. It is sanitary and corrosion resistance.

Cons: It requires strict for the space, the location have to be same as the floor plan.

Any changes will need local welding.  

stainless steel glycol pipeline

2) PPR pipeline for glycol pipeline

Pros: It is easy for connection with tools.

Cons: The adaptor between PPR pipelines is not corrosion resistance. It should be wrapped carefully to avoid contact with water or other liquid.

Glycol pipeline (2)Glycol pipeline (4)

3) PPR+PEX combination pipeline

Pros: It is flexible for small location, as PEX pipeline is pliability,

it can be curved on the limited space.

Cons:It is not suitable for bigger system than 1500L.

Glycol pipeline (1)

PEX Pipe

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