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What is Wort Grant and Why We Need It in a Brewhouse?

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What is Wort Grant and Why We Need It in a Brewhouse?


With craft brewing tech improvement , the wort grant design in brewhouse is under considered by most brewers.


So What is the wort grant?

Wort grant is a small wort collection vessel with wort flowing in from the bottom

and being pumped off through a side port. It is placed between the lauter

tun and the brew kettle.


Why do we need wort grant?

It is easy to pull wort from the lauter tun faster than the grain bed wants it to

flow, when using a pump to move wort from the lauter tun to the kettle. It will

compact grain bed and cause a stuck runoff. Aside from being a large pain, the

stuck runoff can also damage the wort pump because magnetically coupled

pumps can be damaged if run dry.


What is the advantages of wort grant?

A. In systems that rely on pumps, the grant provides a buffer between the

outflow from the lauter tun and the inflow to the boil kettle. Gravity gently pulls

the wort from the lauter tun. This mitigates the potential for a

Vacuum. some brewers also call it negative pressure.  That might compact the grain bed and cause a stuck mash, even might cause false bottom and tank bottom out of

shape. With a wort grant, brewers will get maximum clear extract in less time.

B. It gives positive suction to transfer pump (full flow).

C. The brewer is able to take wort samples from the grant at any time to conveniently measure the pH and gravity of the runoff and avoidover-sparging.

D. Similarly, a brewer can observe wort entering the grant and pump it back to

the top of the mash until it has become sufficiently clear to be redirected to the

boil kettle.


What types of wort grant does Brewman have: cylindrical can

It is a simple can to open to air. But it is also a cause for worry, because it allow

plenty of contact between wort and air.

open grant

Modern brewing tends to eschew hot wort aeration, so we upgrade the wort

grant to seal vessel. grant

wort grant

C.Stainless steel grant with level control-float ball or level sensor.

wort grant

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