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What Is The Optimal Mashing PH?

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What Is The Optimal Mashing PH?

Mash pH affects many aspects of the brew including extract yield,

 fermentability, tannin extraction, lauterability and saccharification time. 

So it is very important to monitor the mashing ph and control ph properly during mashing process.

mashing process

The optimal pH for many aspects of mashing actually varies due to temperature, 

mash thickness and other factors, including whether an infusion or decoction mash is employed.

In an infusion mash, the optimally pH of infusion mash should be in the range of 5.2–5.6.

In the ph range of 5.2–5.4 can achieve the greatest extract yield.

The mash ph 5.3–5.4 can obtained the most fermentable wort.

While the fastest conversion time is obtained in the 5.3–5.6 range.


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