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Do I Need Bimetal Thermometer For My Fermenters?

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Do I Need bimetal thermometer for my fermenters? And what measuring rang should we choose?

What is bimetal thermometer? 

Bimetal thermometers are used to measure the temperature in the tank or pipeline. 

You can find it on brewing water testing, wort temperature testing after Heat exchanger 

and fermentation tank temperature displaying in brewery.

You might doubt why we need a bimetal themometer if we have a PT100 on fermentation tank. 

The answer is double insurance to have a bimetal thermometer for fermenter.

So we can read it easily if PT100 is broken or not accurate.

But what measuring range should we choose? 

We know there are many range for bimetal themometer, 

for example 0-80C, -10-50C, 0-100C, 0-150C etc.

Bimetal Thermometer on fermenter (1)Bimetal Thermometer for brewing water

What range should we choose for fermentation tank? 

Brewman suggest you 0-100C considering below reasons:

Bimetal Thermometer on fermenter (2)

1) The temperature is about 80C during CIP cleaning(caustic liquor), 

low range might cause bimetal themometer broken after repeating over capacity.

2) And the range of 0-100C can read better than 0-150C, as we will often use 0-20 range during fermentation.

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