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How Brewman Design Their Brewhouse Pipeline for Heat Exchanger Cleaning?

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How Brewman Design Their Brewhouse Pipeline for HEX Cleaning?

What is HEX? HEX is heat exchanger that is used used in both cooling and heating processes.

In brewery area, HEX cooling process is to transfer heat between wort and cooling Cold medium like city water and glycol water. 

The HEX will cool wort to fermentation temperature before transferring to FV.

While the heating process will often happen in bigger capacity brewery. 

The brewers often use heat exchanger to heat hot water by steam. 

It is fast and effective way for brewery that need a large hot water in a day.

In general, we can see how HEX plays a important role in a nanobrewery or microbrewery.

So we should consider brewhouse pipeline for cleaning HEX easily.

Brewman design a cleaning pipeline for HEX in the brewhouse.

heat exchanger cleaning only by hot water pump

As you can see from the flow chart, the cleaning process is accomplished by hot water pump.

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