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How To Avoid Steam Condensate Water Back To My Brew Kettle tank?

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How To Avoid Steam Condensate Water Back To Kettle Tank?

During wort boiling in kettle tank, there will have much vapor producing. 

Those steam vapor will go up and they will become steam condensate water 

at a certain height of steam stack. 

If the condensate water is becoming full, the condensate water will back to kettle tank, 

that is not acceptable and not sanitary.

So we need a design that the lead the steam condensate water out.

There are two types, the steam condensate pipe in tank and out tank.

steam condensate pipe 2steam condensate pipe 1

steam condenate waterSome brewers might think if we choose steam condensate for kettle tank, 

do you need a condensate pipe to conduct the water out?

The answer is yes, as the steam condensate will also have small quantity water during cooling. 

So Brewman suggest one for your kettle tank even you choose exhaust steam indoor by steam condenser.

steam condensate pipe

steam condenser

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