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How To Warm My Fermentation Tank And Brite Tank During The Cold Winter?

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How To Warm My Fermentation Tank And Brite Tank During The Cold Winter?


As we all know, there are two glycol jackets on fermentation tank and brite beer tank. 

Normally the glycol jackets are used to cool the fermenter and bright tank by glycol water recycling.

The basic working process for the glycol cooling system is below:

Glycol chiller chill the glycol water in glycol water tank.

There is a glycol pump to recycle the glycol water between glycol water tank and fermenters/brite tank.

Once fermenter temp is higher than set temp, the glycol pump will take glycol water to conical fermenter to cool down.

The glycol cooling unit includes glycol chiller, glycol water tank, glycol pump and related pipelines.

We do not suggest VFD control for glycol water pump. 

But the VFD control of glycol pump can be customized according to your requirements.


But how to heat my fermenter and keep it warm during cold winter? 

Also by glycol jacket? And how? By what medium or what kind electric auxiliary?

Brewman will introduce our ideas to keep our fermenter warm.


First, the most easy way is to cover a cotton on fermenter to stop the cold surroundings affect the fermentation tank. 

Just like us brewers, we warm ourselves by heavy winter jacket.

 fermenter coat

coat for fermenter

Second way is suggested from one Australia customer, 

he suggest us tocover an electricity auxiliary heat blanket at the cylinder and cone of fermenter. 

It will warm the conical fermenter and brite tank once we power it.

 Electricity auxiliary heat blanket

fermenter heating


The third way is suggested by our brewing engineer, 

brewman will design two valves at the glycol inlet and outlet of FV and BBT. 

Those two valves will connect with warm water. 

When the temp drop very crazy than our fermentation temp, we will drain the glycol in the glycol jacket, 

and lead warm water to glycol jacket to warm the fermenter tank and brite tank. 

But this warm water can not be from hot water for brewing. We should have a small warm water tank . 

The cool water after warming tank will back to this small tank.

We suggest to use the heating tank in CIP Cart Unit if you have budget limitation and save cost.

Brewery CIP (1)

Do you like our suggestions? Contact us if you have any good idea of warming fermenter during cold winter.

 Brewman always improve ourselves with suggestions from brewers. 

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